Our Milk Process

We believe that milk is one of the most valuable foods in the world. From our member farmers we receive milk in large quantities, which is processed into high-quality dairy products in our production plants in Germany and the Netherlands. As a German cooperative, our member farmers are dedicated to producing the best milk every day. Optimal feeding, high standards, fresh daily delivery and instant quality control ensure we only use the best fresh cow’s milk.


In order to produce the best dairy products, we recommend farmers to provide cows with the ideal mix of natural and nutritive fodder.


The modern milking machines make it possible for multiple cows to be milked simultaneously. For example, German cows are milked in both the mornings and evenings and can produce up to 6,500 litres of milk every year! 

Collecting the raw Milk

Our modern dairy trucks collect fresh milk every 2-3 days from our member farmers and transport it to our dairy plants. Each of these trucks is able to transport between 10,000 and 30,000 litres per trip!


As soon as our collecting trucks reach our dairy plants in Germany or the Netherlands, they are pumped empty directly into our storage tanks. Before processing, we analyse the milk in accordance with the highest standards, ensuring only the best–quality milk is used. 


After preparation, the milk is transferred to our modern production lines where we produce our high-quality dairy products.

Checking Quality

To ensure only the highest quality standards, our  employees constantly check the quality throughout the process. 


In general, our processing and packing processes are strongly connected. At the end of the production, our products are sorted and placed into cartons or onto trays.


After the goods are stored for a short period of time in our warehouse and inspected for quality one last time, they are shipped in containers to one of the nearest ports. There, huge tower cranes load the containers from the trucks directly onto container vessels that sail all across the globe.