Our Quality

According to our Bonny quality guarantee, we continually strive to ensure the highest possible product quality in line with our customers’ requirements. It starts with the welfare of our farmers’ cows and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process, from providing optimal food supply through carefully selecting ingredients to extensive quality controls during the manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance

For Bonny we only use real milk - no milk powder, no vegetable fat. Cows only produce good milk when they are doing well. Our farmers must comply with numerous regulations ensuring animal-friendly husbandry at the highest international level. Not only our farmers, but the whole production process is undergoing a range of statutory and voluntary analyses to maintain food safety, assure high quality standards and provide the basics for outstanding indulgence. Only once our specialists have approved the quality of the milk it is prepared for processing and packing.

Product Origin

Our milk, which is delivered as a natural, raw product, is processed at production sites in Germany and the Netherlands. The production sites are in the cooperative’s direct milk catchment area in and around Germany, ensuring that the cows are well-cared for and receive the best possible feed.


Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. To this end, we always pursue a holistic sustainability approach. Together with milk producers, suppliers, service providers and employees, we work according to sustainable principles at all times and take responsibility for the future.

A holistic approach - 4 pillars

We place great importance on continous and sustainable economic growth. It is also our goal to achieve an above-average milk price for our producers.          


We are commited to acitvely protecting our environment and natural resources.


We aim to guarantee social responsibility throughout the entire value chain. This begins with producers, includes suppliers and extends to dealing with our employees, customers and end users. 


We process raw materials in a way that conserves resources as far as possible. Therefore, healthy and sustainable agricultural practices and being mindful of natural resource use are crucial to us.