Our Story

Highest quality, rich enjoyment and fresh cow’s milk as the finest ingredients has formed the core of the brand Bonny for more than 50 years. Over the years, the range has been extended with numerous enjoyable products and Bonny has become a well-known and esteemed brand among the dairy products in the Middle East.

2021 – Product Launch

New Mango Milk

Bonny’s new super delicious Mango Flavoured Milk is exceptionally rich and creamy. It combines the goodness of real milk with the sheer pleasure of sweet mango. Either enjoyed on the go on a hot day or cozy at home, Bonny Mango Flavoured Milk is always a delicious snack and  refreshment.

2020 – Product Launch

New Iced Coffee Cappuccino
Bonny Iced Coffee Cappuccino is a delicious and refreshing drink. Made from 100% fresh cow’s milk with 100% top-quality Arabica beans, this drink offers a rich and creamy taste experience. A hint of chocolate complements the Cappuccino flavour perfectly.

2020 – Packaging Relaunch

Redesign of the entire Bonny product range
Bonny relaunches its product range with a modern, premium design including the new icon “from 100% fresh cow’s milk” to highlight the quality.

2018 – Celebrating 50 years

Love Milk: Celebrating 50 years of best German quality
Bonny was launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1968, and this year, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. For 50 years, Bonny has produced milk products with uncompromising quality to the highest German standards, always using fresh cow’s milk instead of milk powder in all of its products.

2017 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Iced Coffee
Bonny has launched its Iced Coffee range in practical 250ml ready-to drink cans. Made from 100% pure cow’s milk and 100% Arabica coffee, it is perfect for anyone who is seeking a cold indulgence during a stressful day. Bonny Iced Coffee is available in two delicious flavours, including Mocha and Latte Macchiato, and is best enjoyed chilled or over ice – anywhere and anytime.

2017 – Forever & Ever Bonny

Always for those you love
In the future Bonny will continue providing its customers and their loved ones with delicious high-quality dairy products made from 100% fresh cow’s milk for a long time yet

2016 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Long Life Milk
Bonny Long Life Milk is introduced in a full cream version with 3.1% fat in a convenient 1L Tetra Pak. Made from 100% fresh cow’s milk, it is a natural source of essential nutrients that is best enjoyed pure on its own, in a hot or cold drink or even used for preparing starters, main dishes or desserts.

2016 – Packaging

Redesign Sweetened Condensed Milk
Bonny relaunches its Sweetened Condensed Milk in a new, unified, premium packaging that reflects the high-quality and care that goes into every can

2015 – Social Media

Launch of Bonny Social Media
Bonny launches its Facebook and Twitter channels to share information about Bonny, showcasing the themes of milk, cooking and baking as well as family and living. Come visit and join our community!

2014 – Website

Launch of Bonny Website
Bonny commits itself to a new and modern homepage that connects with consumers, facilitating easy interaction and communication with the Bonny team.

2010 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Glass Bottle
Since 2010 Bonny offers its Evaporated Milk in a hygienic reclosable bottle, making it the leader for this cutting-edge product packaging on the dairy market and setting a new, optimised quality standard.

2009 – Campaign

Launch of Bonny TV Campaign
Bonny has its first appearance on Arabic televison. The TVC puts a spotlight on the hero product Bonny Full Cream Evaporated Milk in 170g cans.

2008 – Packaging

Redesign of Packaging
The whole product range gets modernised and receives a new design – the first, significant redesign the Bonny brand has undergone in decades.

2007 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Cream
Bonny introduces Cream in 170g cans. Made from fresh cow’s milk, it has a creamy taste and is thick in texture, perfect for all-purpose cooking or baking and particularly ideal for preparing savoury dishes and snacks.

2000 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Low Fat Evaporated Milk 
The fat-reduced variant Low Fat Evaporated Milk is added to Bonny product range, making it possible to enjoy the delights of evaporated milk with only 4% fat.

1990 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk
Bonny introduces Sweetened Condensed Milk in 397g cans. Made from fresh cow’s milk and refined with sugar, it has a deliciously smooth taste and texture, which makes it the ideal ingredient for baking, sweetening beverages and preparing a variety of confectionary delights.

1982 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Flavoured Milk Drinks
Bonny Flavoured Milk Drinks are introduced in three flavour variants: Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry. Available in a practical 250ml ready-to-drink can, Bonny Flavoured Milk Drinks are a deliciously refreshing experience for home and especially for on the move.

1968 – Product Launch

Launch of Bonny Evaporated Milk
The first dairy products are introduced in Saudi-Arabia and immediately convince through their smooth and rich taste, transforming ordinary cups of tea into deliciously creamy delights.