Fancy a creamy coffee?
Tips & Ideas

Attention coffee lovers!
Experience something delicious and try the coffee specialties prepared with Bonny’s milk.

Cardamom Milk Coffee combines a creamy milk base from Bonny’s Full Cream Evaporated milk with classic coffee. The addition of cinnamon and cardamom gives the hot drink a spicy-sweet taste.

Dalgona Coffee quickly became a worldwide favorite, no wonder, as the foamed coffee on top is an eye-catcher. Served either with warmed Bonny milk or, since summer is coming, with chilled Bonny milk and some ice cubes.
Foaming coffee is very easy with a frother – try it! 

A simple but very tasty drink if you enjoy sweetness and fruitiness: The Orange Cinnamon Coffee. It is brewed with a touch of orange flavour and topped off with cinnamon.

Did you know that Bonny milk can easily be foamed with a milk frother? The stable milk foam looks delicious and gives your coffee, cocoa or tea an extra touch.

Either classic, foamed, hot or cold - coffee with Bonny milk is always a good idea!

Ready to try?