Summer holidays – that means playing with friends, enjoying free time without commitments, sleeping in and school seeming far away for our kids. To make the start of the new school year easier for our kids, we have prepared five steps for a successful start.

1. Good preparation is the key

Together with your kids write down all the things that need to be prepared or done before school starts. The list may include school supply shopping for pencils and paper as well as grocery shopping for breakfast and lunch.

2. Check the school equipment

Do the sport clothes still fit and does your child have all school equipment needed? If anything is missing, write it on your list and make sure to buy it in time.

3. Time to get up early again

Begin to wake your kids up the last week in the holidays and start every day a few minutes earlier. This will prevent them from being overtired in the first weeks of school.

4. Inspire your kids’ anticipation

Inspire your kids’ anticipation with some fun activities, e.g. create a timetable together in a colourful design your kids like. They will be thrilled to use it during the new term.

5. Prepare the big day

The first day of a new beginning is always important, so make sure that everything is prepared. Pack the schoolbag the day before to avoid stress in the morning and let your children choose an outfit they want to wear. Also ask them what they want to eat for breakfast and lunch. Our tip for an energised start to the day: oatmeal.