Looking for something cool and refreshing with a little pick-me-up thrown in? Then Bonny Iced Coffee is the perfect choice. Made from 100% fresh cow milk with 100% top-quality Arabica beans, this refreshing drink comes in two varieties. Coffee junkies will go for Mocha. For a slightly milder taste, the Latte Macchiato variety is just right. The splendid thing about Bonny Iced Coffee is that it is always ready to drink, anywhere, at any time – and of course ideally ice-cold. At home, in the office or on campus – open the can – drink – cool! If the two varieties aren’t quite enough for you, try out our recipe ideas – iced coffee with a twist!


Recipe ideas:

1. How about a delicate hazelnut flavour? Simply add 1 tbsp. hazelnut syrup to 50ml of foamed milked, add to Bonny Iced Coffee Latte Macchiato and enjoy!

2. Doesn’t a Mocha ice lolly sound delicious? Give it a try.
For four portions, you will need 2 cans of Bonny Iced Coffee Mocha (slightly frozen), 1 cup vanilla yoghurt (slightly frozen), 50g chocolate drops and 50ml milk. Add half of the Bonny Iced Coffee Mocha to each ice mould. Put the moulds in the freezer for two hours. Then mix together the frozen yoghurt, chocolate drops and milk. Now pour this mixture over the frozen mocha. After two hours in the freezer, the remaining mocha layer is added to the ice moulds. The ice lolly now needs to freeze for at least eight hours, or overnight. Try it out: pure pleasure awaits!

3. Caramel frappuccino… Bonny Iced Coffee Mocha mixed with crushed ice and served with cream. Then simply pour a dash of caramel sauce over the top…what else needs to be said?