They say breakfast is the most important part of the day and should be celebrated. Cherish your family time in the morning and make your weekend breakfasts fun and unique. Read our ideas for some inspiration:

Discover other countries

Let the journey begin and try a traditional recipe from another country. Spend a weekend in France with sweet croissants or crêpes or Canada with pancakes and maple syrup.

Make a picnic

Pack together everything you need for the breakfast and a blanket. Take a walk and have breakfast in a park nearby or just go to your garden or balcony. Your family will enjoy the fresh air and the twittering of birds in the morning.

Let kids decide

Put your kids in charge and let them decide what is served for breakfast. If they are too young, you can assist them with cooking. They will enjoy the independence and your praise.

Game time

Wake up your brain with a riddle in the morning. Try some rounds of “I spy something with my little eye…” or slip into the role of famous persons while playing “Who am I?”. It will be a fun morning for everyone, if everyone acts out their role during the entire breakfast.