During summertime, we turn to iced coffee more and more often. So it is time for some little variation with our ideas for making our standard iced coffee more delicious.

1. Make coffee ice cubes

For longer caffeine enjoyment, make ice cubes out of coffee. Brew coffee, let it cool and pour it into ice cube moulds. Freeze it for several hours. When frozen, add two ice cubes to 250ml fresh, chilled coffee and Bonny Long Life Full Cream Milk, to taste.

2. Sweeten it

If you have a sweet tooth, add a few tablespoons of Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk to taste to 250ml chilled coffee. Refine it with ice cubes made from Bonny Full Cream Evaporated Milk.

3. Add Vanilla Ice Cream

For a creamy pleasure, add two scoops of Bonny Vanilla Ice Cream into 250ml chilled coffee.

4. Make it chocolaty

Chocolate lovers can add three ice cubes made from Bonny Chocolate Milk to 200ml chilled coffee.

5. Prepare caramel iced coffee

Mix 200ml chilled coffee and one scoop of Bonny Vanilla Ice Cream in a blender. Add three ice cubes and caramel sauce to taste. Blend everything until smooth.