Grocery shopping for Ramadan is always a great task ahead for the whole family. To avoid overstocking and preparation stress, it is very advisable to plan your Ramadan menu well in advance which enables you to have a mindful shopping experience and obtain all the essential food items that can be stored. Every family member, even your children, can contribute, writing a menu plan for Iftar and Suhoor. After planning your meals, you can start to stock your pantries in advance to ensure an organised, stress-free and spiritually rewarding Ramadan. Use the following list with essential food items to buy in preparation for Ramadan. The foods are typically suitable for long storage. Read our storage tips for the best food quality.

1. Oatmeal

Containing protein as well as dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, oats are a true energy supplier. Use them for preparing Suhoor and try our recipes for delicious Overnight Oats. To keep them fresh for several months, store them in a dry place, ideally in an airtight jar.

2. Bonny Cream

Bonny Cream is the perfect ingredient when preparing desserts for Iftar. It also works as a delicious dip for dates, bread or fruits at Suhoor. To get the best out of Bonny Cream, store it in a cool, dry place between 10°C and 30°C.

3. Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk

Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk with pure refined sugar has a deliciously sweet taste and smooth texture, which makes it the ideal ingredient for preparing a variety of confectionary delights for Ramadan. To get the best out of Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk, store it in a cool, dry place between 10°C and 30°C.

4. Honey

As a natural and healthy alternative for sugar you can use honey for cooking, salad dressings or smoothies. It gives all delicacies a gently sweet touch. Store honey in a cool and dark place to keep its quality.

5. Bonny Evaporated Milk

Milk is a great source of calcium, vitamins A and D and protein, which keep you full during the day. Refine your soups, sauces and shakes with Bonny Full Cream Evaporated Milk to give your dishes a creamy and rich taste. Try Bonny Low Fat Evaporated Milk if you want to prepare lower-calorie dishes. To get the best out of Bonny Full Cream Evaporated Milk, store it in a cool, dry place between 4°C and 24°C.

6. Nuts

Surely nuts contain much fat, but they are also a source of vitamin B, niacin and magnesium, which optimise your concentration and improve your energy level. Refine salads and sauces with nuts, or just enjoy them as a snack. Store nuts in a cool, dark and dry place. Keep them in an airtight jar to prevent them from taking on smells from other groceries.

7. Non-Caffeinated Herbal Teas

Switch from caffeinated drinks to non-caffeinated herbal teas to get more vitalising sleep. And keep in mind that you can also let them cool and enjoy them cold during these hot evenings. Tea should be stored airtight, cool and dark.

8. Dates

Dates are not only a perfect starter for Iftar; they also help if you suffer from a headache or dizziness. You can snack on them, add them to salads or make a creamy date milkshake. Fresh dates should be consumed within a few days; however dried dates can be stored in an airy, cool and dry place for several weeks.

9. Rice

Just like oats, rice also contains complex carbohydrates which provide your body with energy. And compared to pasta, rice has only half the calories, so it can help you to take care of your body, too. To store rice as long as possible, protect it from humidity and moisture.