Running a household while nourishing the family during Ramadan requires a higher level of efficiency. In these demanding days we count on clever cooking and kitchen management to increase productivity and keep stress levels low. Try for yourself and follow our tips to ease preparatory work from Suhoor to Iftar. Beyond a doubt your kitchen efficiency will be improved when you reduce preparation time and optimise your daily kitchen routines.

1. Prepare your basics ahead of time

Basic vegetables like onions, courgettes or carrots are included in almost every meal. To save preparation time, chop large amounts in advance and store them in the fridge for a few days or freeze them.

2. Clean as you work

Cooking can be fun but cleaning the dishes can be a tedious task. So better start straightaway while your meal is still getting ready in the oven. The good thing about it: The food will taste even better because the washing up is done.

3. Save your leftovers

It’s a matter of course that we always offer more food than necessary for Iftar to satisfy our guests. Instead of throwing food away, make use of the leftovers or freeze them for another meal. Many ingredients like chopped vegetables or meat can be used for soups or stews or simply be added to rice.

4. Prepare Suhoor the night before

After Iftar, when you are still full of energy, it’s the perfect time to prepare everything for Suhoor. Movement is good for your digestion and you will be happy to sleep five minutes longer the next morning having everything prepared already. Our Overnight Oats are ideal for preparing the day before.

5. Involve your family

No need to do the work alone, involve other family members. Even your children can do easy things like setting the table or, if older, helping you chop the vegetables. Getting your family involved increases the efficiency and helps the family work better.