Especially during Ramadan we become thoughtful and reflective. We care about our loved ones and give thought to doing good deeds to others. Let’s keep this spirit of Ramadan alive by embracing tolerance and giving throughout the whole year and on a daily basis. Here we have collected some ideas as a source of inspiration for you:

1. If you cook, cook double the amount and give the extra to your elderly neighbours or invite them for dinner.

2. Donate clothes, magazines and books to charity.

3. If you discover a place you enjoy, whether it is a shop or a restaurant, spread the word and share it with your friends.

4. Read to your kids or to elderly people. Let them choose their favourite books.

5. Volunteer for a charitable organisation, either actively or passively.

6. Save water, e.g. turn off the water while lathering your hair – nature will thank you.

7. Spend a day with your kids and invite their friends to play together – their parents will enjoy the free time!

8. If you prepare your children’s lunchbox, give them more so they can share with their friends.

9. Set up a charity jar in your home and let everyone donate secretly. Decide together as a family where you want to donate the money.

10. Provide provision boxes with storable foods for the less fortunate.