Get in the spirit of Ramadan by turning your place into a festive home. We collected some inspirational ideas on how to decorate and celebrate this holiday season. Involve your kids in the preparation and create some of your own traditions to deepen your excitement for this special month.

1. Create a festive atmosphere

The best way to get in the holiday spirit is to decorate your home. Craft some banners with your children and hang them up wherever you like. And don’t forget to hang one on the front door of your home wishing “Ramadan Kareem”. Place some decorative lanterns around your house or in the hallway. Whether you use electric lights or candles, both create beautiful lighting.

2. Build a festive Ramadan display

Choose a table in your home, e.g. a side table, to create a Ramadan display. Use it for festive decorations or to place traditional Iftar foods to break the fast. This table will be the eye-catcher in your home.

3. Decorate with dates

Dates are the headliner of every evening when the fast is traditionally broken with them. Revive this tradition by placing your dates in elegant jars or vases. They can also be an eye-catcher in the centre of your Iftar table, Ramadan display or on the kitchen counter.

4. Involve your children

Even if your kids are probably not fasting with the rest of the family, they still should get involved in this special holiday season. There are many things they can do, e.g. make some decorations, help in the kitchen or set the table. You can also entrust them with special tasks like serving the dates on Iftar. They will enjoy helping you.