For some it is a classic accompaniment for tea, for us it is also one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen: evaporated milk. This is due to its creaminess based on the production process. Basically, evaporated milk is made from regular milk that is mildly heated and has had about half the water removed, which gives the product a thick, rich texture similar to cooking cream, but with less than half the fat.

Containing only 8.1% fat, Bonny Full Cream Evaporated Milk is a lighter variant to enrich all your favourite recipes – whether sweet or savoury dishes or drinks – while keeping the fine creaminess. So you can enjoy tasty food without any guilty conscience. Further benefit: made from 100% pure cow’s milk, Bonny Full Cream Evaporated Milk is also a good source of calcium and the added vitamins A and D boost its nutritional value.
Learn what great things you can do with this classic kitchen staple. Our inspirational ideas below will surely bring out the culinary explorer in you.

1. Use it as a substitute for whipping cream

Bonny Full Cream Evaporated Milk is a reduced fat alternative to liquid whipping cream that gives extra richness to creamy dishes. You can also use a lighter version by adding Bonny Low Fat Evaporated Milk. Just substitute the equal amount of whipping cream for evaporated milk. And if you need whipped cream, just freeze the can for about 30 minutes and beat at high speed until it turns stiff. Sweeten it with sugar to taste just as regular whipped cream. But, better use it right away, because it might not hold its shape for too long.

2. Refine tea and other drinks

Bonny Evaporated Milk is often used for tea enrichment, but it is also perfect for adding a creamy flavour to your favourite hot and cold drinks, whether this is cocoa or a shake.

3. Use it as a substitute for drinking milk

If you like it pure, evaporated milk can also be used as a substitute for regular milk. Just mix ½ cup evaporated milk with ½ cup of water to get 1 cup of regular milk. If you want to drink it pure, the taste might differ a bit, but for milkshakes or smoothies it adds a fine creaminess.

4. Enrich sweet and savoury dishes

Actually, it can be said that evaporated milk is an ideal ingredient for all-purpose cooking and baking, especially as a substitute for cream in most main dishes, savoury soups and sauces or casseroles. But if you prefer it sweeter, you can also add it to desserts, cakes or even oatmeal and cereals to prepare a tasty breakfast every day. Get some inspiration and browse our wide range of recipes with Bonny Evaporated Milk.