Gifts make every event more festive and especially for Eid al-Fitr gifts take on a more celebratory role. Particularly for children who participated partly or completely in Ramadan, it is a nice reward for their hard work and sacrifices. Surprise your children and follow our guide on creating a sweet Eid gift for the little ones.

What you need

• 1 can Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk
• Tin opener
• Strong glue
• Napkin
• Sweets of your choice


How to make it

1. Open the can of Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk with the tin opener, make sure to open the bottom and be careful not to cut yourself. For a range of applications of Bonny Sweetened Condensed Milk you can find several delicious recipes here.

2. Clean the can, remove the label and dry it well.

3. First put the napkin in the can, then fill it with sweets of your choice.


4. After that comes the more difficult part. Carefully stick the lid back on the can. Be careful not to put glue on the sweets.

5. Decorate the can with paper, paint or colourful napkins to create a piece of art.

6. Give it to the kids and make them smile! They will be surprised about their delicious can.