School is out – time for fun! Of course homework is also waiting, but there should be some time for quality time, too. Here we collected some ideas for activities with your kids that will make them happy.

1. Make your own ice cream as a special treat

Young and old, everyone loves ice cream. But what is even better than simply buying ice cream, is to create your own special sort of it. Try our recipe for easy No Churn Ice Cream – it will taste even better for your children if they contributed to it themselves.

2. Do something good

Doing good makes you feel good, for you and your kids. Here we have prepared a list with suggestions for Good Deeds.

3. Get creative

There is always something to draw or to make, e.g. a new painting for your living room or a self-painted gift for a friend or the grandparents. Just grab some colours and paper and release the artist in your child.

4. Go out

Grab your children and even their friends and go to the playground, or a shopping centre. Fun is waiting everywhere and they will love to explore new places.

5. Bake together

Sweets are good, but self-made sweets are better. Pick your favourite recipe and cook or bake it together as a family. The outcome will be especially delicious because it will be made with love.

6. Let them design their own T-shirt

Just buy some plain white T-shirts and pencils that are suitable for T-Shirt material, then your kids will become real designers.