January 23, 2020

At Hochwald Foods, we believe that milk is one of the most valuable foods in the world. Hochwald produces high-quality dairy products in Germany and the Netherlands. As a German cooperative, our member farmers are dedicated to producing the best milk every day. Optimal feeding, high standards, fresh daily delivery and instant quality control ensure we only use the best fresh cow’s milk. Delicious products are manufactured in cutting-edge production sites. Our employees constantly check the quality throughout the process.

One of Hochwald’s most successful brands is Bonny, enjoyed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1968. Over 40% of households purchased Bonny in the last year, making it the market leader in value. Saudi families love the rich and creamy taste of Bonny. No wonder, as all Bonny products are made from 100% fresh cow’s milk.

In 2020, Bonny will be given a new fresh design. The journey of Bonny will continue – providing outstanding rich and creamy taste to our consumers.