March 28, 2019

For all those who love the rich and creamy taste of Bonny Evaporated Milk: have you ever tried our unique glass bottle?

Whether at home or on the road, the reclosable glass bottle provides you with the rich taste of Bonny Evaporated Milk wherever you like. Take it with you to a sunny picnic with your friends and family or use it for preparing delicious beverages and meals in your kitchen at home. The reclosable glass bottle ensures a long-lasting fresh taste and creamy texture and is an eye-catcher on every table. Even on a picnic in the desert, the hygienic plastic lid protects the product from sand and keeps it safe.

Once opened and then kept in the fridge, Bonny Evaporated Milk can be used for several days as it has a reclosable lid. Even if you only need small amounts each day, you can use the entire bottle content – avoiding waste. The practical closure guarantees easy handling and precise dosability, enriching your tea- and cooking experience and facilitating your daily routine.
Take it easy and try our reclosable glass bottle to enjoy the rich taste of Bonny Evaporated Milk.